The Best Powered Self-Powered Speakers

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Here is a list of the 9 most inexpensive powered speakers on the market that offer the best benefits to consumers.

 Genius SP-HF500A, classic self-powered wooden computer speaker

Speakers with a total power of 14 W

With buttons for volume control, bass and treble on the front

Signal / noise ratio of 82 dBWith status light and connection for MP3 player

The most economical self-powered speakers in our top .

Considering their price, they are competent speakers.

They include details that are not always found in speakers in this range, such as the headphone port or tone controls.

Its power is sufficient for a domestic use in small rooms.

Finally, do not slacken on materials like other basic speakers, here we can appreciate a careful design: they are made of wood and panels of high quality glossy polycarbonate.

The cheap computer speakers par excellence.


Dimensions: 12 x 11.3 x 20.7 cm

Weight: 2.6 kg

Total power: 14 W

Signal / noise ratio: 82 dB

Connections: headphone jack, 3.5mm audio input

Color: black and wood



Robust appearance and careful aesthetics

With headphone output included


Flat sound

It has a led indicator too powerful that can get to bother and the power button is on the back of the speaker, somewhat uncomfortable.

It is for you if

You seek to amplify the sound of a computer, player or television that you use secondarily. The power is ideal for a room, if you want to spend the least and not hear the sound directly through the integrated speakers of the device, which are usually quite basic.

Woxter Dynamic Line DL-410, powerful cheap amplified speakers

Maximum quality

Great performance

Easy installation

With a 4-inch woofer and an inch and a half tweeter, these Woxter speakers offer a very complete sound.

Only its deficiencies in high volumes are evident, where you can notice the vibration and distortion of the sound. However, thanks to its power you will not need to increase the volume too much.

Very recommendable, more taking into account its price, very reduced.


Dimensions: 38.2 x 26.8 x 23 cm

Weight: 4.1 kg

Total power: 150 W

Signal / noise ratio: 75 dB

Connections: audio input and output, both 3.5 mm

Color: black

Includes volume, bass and treble controls on the side panel.


Excellent relationship between price and sound quality

With bass and treble control



They distort in high volumes and do not get rid of the usual background hum in inexpensive speakers.

It is for you if

You seek to improve the sound of a television, player, computer … for little cost.

You need them for a small room.

You want a cheap alternative to speakers like the Edifier, for a recording studio.

Genius SP-HF 1250B, economical wood powered loudspeakers

Genius SP-HF 1250B -18%

Total power: 40 W RMS

4 ” unit for deep and powerful bass

Main volume control and ring control

Additional connector on the front panel

Without highlighting power as the Woxter, improvement in manufacturing quality.

One of its strengths are its materials, with wood in front of other speakers that are built only in plastic.

It also has a higher signal-to-noise ratio than the rest of the speakers we have analyzed so far, within the economic range.

Its price is still low, so you’ll have to take into account also the weaknesses associated with its range: low total power, cheap cables, etc.


Dimensions: 14 x 14,7 x 24,5 cm

Weight: 3.6 kg

Total power: 40 W

Signal / noise ratio: 85 dB

Connections: 3.5 mm audio input and output

Colors: black and wood

Includes volume and tone control on the front.


Careful aesthetics, wood construction

Good value for money


The line out does not support headphones.

The on / off switch is on the back, it is not a convenient location.

It is for you if

You will use them to extend the internal sound of devices such as media players or DVD players, record players, audio equipment, etc.

You look for speakers for small rooms. They are ideal for a room and if you have little space, due to its small size.

You want cheap and minimalist speakers, made of wood.

Logitech Z333, cheap amplified speakers 2.1 with headphone output

Logitech Z333 -eleven%

Powerful sound, deep bass

Subwoofer with 13 cm transducer located on the front for deep and powerful bass

Control section with cable to facilitate access to volume and ignition controls

Special knob for bass adjustment

The Logitech Z333 maintain the output power of the Genius speakers, but they differ from the speakers seen so far by one important detail: the Z333 is a 2.1 sound system.

They are accompanied by a subwoofer, independent and larger than the integrated system 2.0 speakers.

However, both the satellite speakers and the bass box keep contained dimensions. They also have an affordable price.


Dimensions: 23 x 22 x 14 cm ( subwoofer ); 18 cm x 10.8 cm x 9 cm (speakers)

Weight: 3.1 kg

System 2.1 (two satellite speakers and one subwoofer )

Total power: 40 W

Connections: RCA audio input and output and headphone output (3.5 mm)

Color black

Includes independent control device, to adjust the volume and on / off.


Great value for the price

Quality sound, complete


The sound of the subwoofer’s socket can become annoying if you are completely silent.

The bass control is located on the subwoofer itself and not on the controller.

It is for you if

You want economical self-powered speakers, but high quality. You prefer to pay a little more and have the best quality-price option, not simply the cheapest one.

You are going to connect them to a TV, console, PC … you will see movies, series or you will use them to amplify the sound while you play. You will appreciate the deep bass and a round and complete sound.

You are looking for an affordable and well-finished 2.1 speaker system.

Edifier Studio R1280T, quality self-powered loudspeakers with two RCA inputs

Edifier Studio R1280T -13%

Speakers with a total power of 42 W

Designed with 3.5mm Jack and RCA connectors

It has a sensitivity of 85 dB

Includes a remote control

The Edifier Studio R1280 justify its price, higher than the speakers we have valued so far, with a high quality of production and sound.

Its appearance is robust, does not leave anyone indifferent.

At the same time, being a system of 2.0 speakers of medium-high range, you save space and get a sound equivalent to that of most economic sound systems 2.1.

They also include missing features in cheaper speakers, for example, the double sound input. You can connect two devices simultaneously through your RCA connection without the need to unplug and plug cables constantly.



Dimensions: 19.6 x 14.6 x 23.4 cm

Weight: 4.9 kg

Total power: 42 W

Connections: two RCA audio inputs

Color: black and wood

Includes remote control.


The best finishes and construction quality

Strong blunt tones, although they lack an external subwoofer .


You cannot control the bass from the controller.

The V-profile is not the most faithful to the sound and does not please everyone either.

It is for you if

You want a blunt sound (with V-profile, with enhanced bass and treble tones), but you do not have room to get a 2.1 speaker system.

Above all, you are interested in good aesthetics and quality in manufacturing materials. You do not mind paying extra for it.

You are going to use them in a small or medium size room, you prefer the sound quality over the power.

You look for some speakers with which to start making your first steps in music, in a home studio. You do not want to spend too much at the beginning and you accept that the sound is not as reliable as other studio-specific speakers, but more expensive.

You will get sound from two or more devices (TV and computer or console, for example).


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