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Floor loudspeakers – masters of good sound:

A floor loudspeaker is in fact nothing more or less than a loudspeaker that is so large that it has to stand on the floor. And with good sound always applies, the bigger the better! Noise is not a technology, it is a physics phenomenon for which laws of nature apply where even the best technicians in the world can not escape.

Good sound – especially at high volume – just needs space. And if you think sound quality is most important, a good pair of floor loudspeakers is the perfect solution. These speakers have the least restrictions and compromises. Their large housing provides space for a separate bass unit and can get enough air moving, and you can hear that. With floor loudspeakers you can be sure that you can hear the entire symphony orchestra, or a heavy bass that makes your diaphragm vibrate.

It is also a myth that you need a huge amplifier or a gigantic installation to control a pair of floor loudspeakers. Of course it’s better if your amp has enough power to play your music, but large speakers just sound harder than small speakers – even if they’re connected to the same amp. They have a more effective construction, and that way you get more sound for your money.

Floor loudspeakers are therefore intended for people who really want to LISTEN to music and who are not afraid to show that they are crazy about good sound. And nowadays you can even opt for a serious ‘active’ loudspeaker with integrated amplifier. Then you no longer need an installation or amplifier. You just switch on your mobile and you can stream wirelessly to your speakers!

Small speakers – big sound:
The name says it all: the big advantage of compact speakers is that they are … well, compact. Very useful, because they often fit in a closet, on a tripod or on the wall. They are suitable for most rooms and they also sound very good for such a compact size.

If your room is not big enough for a pair of floor loudspeakers, then some good compact speakers are an excellent alternative. The speakers obviously do not have that much space and they often do not go as hard and deep as a pair of floor loudspeakers. But if, for example, you live in an apartment and are not sure whether your neighbors are as fond of a heavy bass as you are, a few compact speakers are probably a sensible choice.

We also sometimes get the question whether compact speakers have ‘enough watts’. Yes absolutely! You do not need an overdose of watts to get a good sound, and the specifications of the manufacturers say nothing about what a loudspeaker can do or how it sounds. The number of watts determines how much energy an amplifier can send to the speakers, but at the same time – 30 watts measured in a certain way sounds harder than 300 watts measured in a different way. There is simply no generally accepted standard, so trust your ears and us. And we say that the amount of watt actually says nothing.

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