Design Speakers – If Good Sound Should Also Be Beautiful

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Design Speakers - If Good Sound Should Also Be Beautiful -

Nowadays, a loudspeaker really does not have to look like a boring, square box. There are more than enough beautiful models that will not be out of place in stylish interiors. And the best thing is that a beautiful design loudspeaker can also sound very good!

They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and price ranges. So you can always find a loudspeaker that not only sounds good, but also a wonderful addition to your interior. A striking design and beautiful materials are of course not free, but that also applies to shoes, cars and therefore hifi. On the other hand, you will get a loudspeaker system that you can fully enjoy, even if the music is not on.

Subwoofer systems – mini speakers with full bass!
Are you crazy about a full bass, but do not you feel like watching the big day loudspeakers? Then a subwoofer is the perfect solution. These speakers are specially designed for the lowest frequencies. They are often very compact, so you can put them anywhere, and you only need one. A subwoofer has its own integrated amplifier and a special bass unit that can handle everything on any volume.

And because the subwoofer takes care of all the low tones, you only need a few mini or satellite speakers. They only provide the middle and high tones and are therefore a lot more compact. The basic principle behind such a sat / sub-system is that our ears can not really determine the direction of low tones, and so you have enough of one subwoofer that you can put discreetly in a corner or behind the couch.

A sat / sub system is a very good compromise and gives a beautiful, full stereo sound – without having to suffer from massive speakers. If you put everything right – and we can help you with that – it often sounds as good as a system with real floor loudspeakers.

Sat / sub systems are also ideal for home cinemas, where you always need a subwoofer for the special bass channel in the soundtrack of the film. And depending on the size of the room and your own wishes, you can choose larger or more compact speakers for the other channels.

Traditional active speakers – play music without installation
Active speakers have their own integrated amplifier. So you do not need a separate installation to play music. You can connect these speakers directly to a PC, smartphone or TV. That is really plug ‘n’ play! And with a few good active speakers you get stereo sound with true hi-fi quality.

An active loudspeaker set usually consists of one active loudspeaker with all the electronics in it and the same loudspeaker, but then passively, which is connected to the active loudspeaker with a cable. You connect your music source – for example a PC – to the active loudspeaker and you can immediately enjoy real stereo sound. Many models also have an extra connection for a subwoofer that you can put under a desk. A great solution for avid gamers!

Active speakers are also a good solution for people who do not feel like looking at a large installation all day long. And many models also have integrated Bluetooth, so no installation at all is needed and you can stream your music directly from your smartphone or tablet. There are also active floor loudspeakers with all the advantages of a traditional stereo system, but without the stereo!

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