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RCF Art 712-A MK II : RCF is a prestigious Italian manufacturer that many DJs will not even hear. However, they have been manufacturing high quality loudspeakers for many years and have satisfied customers and followers of the brand all over the world.

I discovered this company by chance thanks to a company of mobile discotheques that have them as standard in their equipment, I did not try this particular model, but I did it with a small one that surprised me because of how good it sounded.

Characteristics RCF Art 712-A MK II:

12 “speaker

2.5” VC high-power woofer

1 “RCF driver with titanium membrane and 1.7” VC

Digital bi-amplification with DSP included

700 W RMS and 1500 W in peak

SPL max. 129 dB

50Hz – 20 KHz, 90 ° x60 °

Gray color

Dimensions: 637 x 384 x 363 mm

Weight 17.2 kg

 Yamaha MSR 100 : I’ve been playing with the previous model for many years and sincerely I was more than satisfied with its performance.

The Japanese company manufactures a multitude of products, from motors for boats to pianos, and despite everything it produces, it is still a respectable manufacturer of products related to audio, especially with the power stages and to a lesser extent with the speakers.

This particular model, technically does not stand out for anything (it has very little power), but for its price ( € 299 ) since it is the cheapest of the comparison. If your budget is very tight this can be a good alternative whose quality – price ratio is excellent.

Features Yamaha MSR 100:

100 W RMS

8 “Woofer and 1” Tweeter

XLR / jack input, XLR output

2-way EQ (bass-high)

Response frequency: 50Hz-20kHz

112dB / 1m SPL

Dispersion 90 ° x 40 °

Dimensions: 275 x 455 x 255mm (Width x Height x Depth)

Weight: 11 Kg

Mackie SRM 450 V3 : Mackie is a classic brand in the world of loudspeakers, also makes some studio components very popular among producers.

But focusing on the issue that concerns us today, we can say that these SRM 450 V3 follow the wake of the American company in terms of quality and reliability.

They are quality speakers with a very tight price € 498 . It is put in the comparison because it is still a very good product that does not stand out in anything but with an excellent quality – price ratio.

Features Mackie SRM 450 V3:

Two tracks 12 “+ 1,4”

500 W RMS and 1000 W in peak

Frequency response: 42 Hz – 23 kHz

SPL max. 128db

Low Cut switchable (75Hz)

Feedback Destroyer

4 speaker modes for different applications: PA, DJ, Monitor, Solo

2 connections XLR / jack and 1x RCA

Measures: 406 x 663 x 376 mm

Weight: 16.8kg


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