What Are The Requirements For Good Mobile DJ Speakers?

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They must weigh the minimum: it is logical but that many DJs do not take into account when making the purchase. In this section a few kilos of more or less notice a lot, you should bear in mind that weekend after weekend you will have to load and unload the speakers, apart from assembling and disassembling them. Therefore 2 kgr. up or down can make a difference in terms of back pain, various discomforts and especially the syndrome of “burned” that most DJs of mobile discs come to suffer at some point in our professional life and for which to mount or dismantle It makes us eternal for the time and effort involved, especially at the end of a marathon work day that can be in some cases more than 8 hours.

Must have the maximum audio power possible: The environment of the mobile discotheques is so diverse, that at a wedding you can suddenly find that the sound does not arrive because they told you that there were 100 guests and suddenly you find 200 in the living room.

My experience tells me that the ideal is that the speakers have at least 300 W RMS each, that makes a total of 600 W RMS and this should be more than enough to cover events of up to 200 people.

If the party has more guests, you should bring more speakers or more power and so adapt to the total number of attendees to the event, I have a table created with the total number of people and Watios needed later published when we delve into the subject.

The more different connections you have the better: The usual thing is that the speakers have one or two different connections, but the models that we will see here in very few cases have RCA inputs, for microphone, Jack type and the classic Speak on at the same time .

Keep in mind that the more inputs and outputs have more possibilities you will have to connect what you need, for example if an event requires a microphone and you have arrived late you can plug it directly into the speaker without having to wait until you connect all the equipment, turn on the mixer, connect the microphone, etc.

 If they are better self-powered (technically called active loudspeakers): Nowadays with the cheapening and above all the lightness with which the self-powered loudspeakers are built (it means that they have incorporated the amplifier inside the loudspeaker itself) it is foolish to acquire loudspeakers without amplify and then the separate stage. With the consequent economic outlay and especially of load that supposes to transport another device more as it is the amplifier / stage to your already bulky list of equipment

Size of the woofer / speaker: Ideally in the models we handle in this comparison is that the cone of the largest speaker, ie, the bass is 12 inches, the smaller 10 inches are obviously less heavy and easy to transport but have much less sound power and does not compensate for what you gain on the one hand with what you lose for another.

The 15-inch cones on the other hand are too heavy and powerful for what they are supposed to be used (small-medium-sized events) and are usually mounted on large speakers intended for powers of more than 750 W RMS per box and for large events with a large audience (from 300 people).

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