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Review Denon's Powerful Bluetooth Speaker -

Hi-fi manufacturer Denon launched a compact, portable Bluetooth stereo speaker with a powerful sound with the Envaya DSB-200. We have tested this speaker.

The Envaya DSB-200 from Denon is a small but powerful Bluetooth stereo speaker. The ivory colored speaker is 14 cm high, 26 cm wide and 5 cm deep. If you open the support at the back, it still only takes 8 cm. However, the Envaya weighs almost 1.3 kg. He not only feels solid, the build quality also looks firm.

The Envaya is available in white or black and comes with four interchangeable grates that will otherwise color the front (indigo, gray, orange or fuchsia). Under the grille are two loudspeakers (57 mm drivers) and a 100 mm passive bass spotlight.

The built-in battery charges you in 2.5 hours for a total playing time of 10 hours. Via a USB port on the side you can charge a smartphone or tablet to a maximum of 1A and use the Envaya as a power bank. You can also connect an analog source via the 3.5 mm audio input on the side.

But of course this is first and foremost a wireless Bluetooth speaker that you pair via nfc or in the traditional Bluetooth way, where you do not have to enter any code. We tried to connect different smartphones, tablets and computers to the Envaya and that went well every time.

The Envaya supports aptX streaming for CD-quality Bluetooth audio in combination with Bluetooth sources that support it. We tried this out with a Samsung Galaxy S5.

You can connect up to three Bluetooth devices to the Envaya. If you connect a fourth, it replaces the first linked one. If the speaker does not detect audio for 15 minutes, it switches itself off.
Sound quality

The Envaya has a powerful sound and can perfectly fill a reasonably large room with audio. However, do not expect a wide stereo image that can be difficult with such a narrow speaker.

The Envaya gives high and mid-range clear and warm weather, without shrill overtones or disturbing noises. Voices sound remarkably clear and even intimate pieces of music sound surprisingly good on this small speaker.

What we have less to say about is the reproduction of bass tones. It is overly hard and not in balance with the high and mid tones. Of course, this also depends on the type of music that you play, but especially in pop music, the basses are, in our opinion, overly loud.

Intimate jazz, vocals and solo or small ensemble classical sound very good, but with bass and rock music the bass dominates too much. You can partially correct this via the equalizer settings of the display device, as long as they are of course available, or by placing the speaker on a more stable surface.

The Denon Envaya looks beautiful, feels solid and has a good sound quality for more intimate music. The basses, however, dominate too much in rock and orchestral music.

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