What Are The Top 5 Mobile DJ Speakers?

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After the requirements that good loudspeakers for mobile clubs must meet, it is now to name them. I warn you that I have focused on the top 5, but the list is very long.

Fortunately there are a lot of brands and models with very different characteristics and at very competitive prices.

But I assure you that these 5 will perfectly fulfill their mission and will endure for years the abuse they will suffer and the hundreds and even thousands of parties in which they will participate.

JBL Eon 615 : They replace the mythical JBL Eon 515 XT that the American manufacturer sold as donuts a few years ago. The changes, apart from aesthetics, are technical and affect almost all the key issues we talked about before.

It stands out especially for its low weight, only 17,87kgr, the large number of connections it has (Speakon, Jack and MIC) and its great power 500 W RMS (peak up to 1000 W) per box.

What most strikes me about this model with respect to the other listings in this post is its presence in serious. I’ve been lucky enough to hear them and they sound amazingly good with any type of music but they stand out in a way with styles with a lot of bass (Hip Hop, Dance, etc.).

It is the most powerful of this list with 500 W RMS and of those with less weight with 17.7 Kg and the one with the most connections. In short everything that must have good speakers for mobile disco have it and by far these Eon 615.

Features JBL Eon 615:

15 “Woofer

1” Tweeter

2-way Biamplified

Power: 500 W RMX / 1000 W at Peak

Dispersion: 90º x 50 °

2 microphone / line inputs

4 adjustable DSP presets via Bluetooth

Answer in frequency: 47Hz – 20kHz (-10dB)

SPL max .: 127dB

Construction in black PVC

Possibility of mounting on 36mm pole

5 flying points M10

Dimensions: 708 x 429 x 368 mm

Weight: 17,7kg

Optional cover: JBL Eon 615 CVR

Electro Voice ZLX 15P : Electro Voice has sold more than 20 million units of this type of speakers worldwide, this is a good example of the success that Electro Voice products have always had among musicians, DJs and technicians of all the planet.

Their boxes are synonymous with quality and can be seen from large audio montages as monitors to prestigious clubs such as hall sound.

This particular model stands out for its tight price, only € 489 , and for my taste it lacks some power compared to the JBL model. In spite of everything it is a magnificent product that you should at least try, although I advance you that the presence in serious of this ZLX 15P is considerably smaller than the JBL Eon 615.

Features Electro Voice ZLX 15P:

Class D amplifier 1000W

15 ” woofer –

5″ compression driver

integrated DSP with display

42Hz – 20kHz

Power: 250 W RMS and 1000 W peak

SPL 96dB (maximum SPL: 127dB)

XLR inputs / 1/4 “microphone / line jack

XLR output

Dispersion: 90 ° x 60 °

Dimensions: 685 x 423 x 383mm

Weight: 17.3Kg


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